Your First Visit

What can you expect at your first visit to Ocean Smiles Family Dentistry? We’re glad you asked!

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and welcome right away, so you will be greeted as soon as you walk through our front door. We know you’ll feel at home in our newly renovated office, and we’ve designed it with your comfort in mind.

If you’ve come to Ocean Smiles Family Dentistry for an initial cleaning and checkup, Dr. Chen will spend time talking with you, taking x-rays, and also taking photos of your teeth and mouth to review with you during your first examination. This is a great time for you to get to know him and also for you to discuss any concerns you may have about your oral health or the condition of your teeth.

You will find that Dr. Chen diagnoses conservatively, so he may or may not make some initial treatment recommendations depending on your needs.

Many patients will also receive a cleaning during this first visit; however, if you are struggling with gingivitis or more advanced gum disease, we may recommend a deeper cleaning for you that will be scheduled at a different time.

Dr. Chen recommends that most patients visit us every 6 months for cleanings and checkups. However, those patients who are managing gum disease will require additional cleanings throughout the year.

If you are coming to Ocean Smiles Family Dentistry as a new patient dealing with an emergency situation, we are happy to see you as soon as possible to treat your condition and get you feeling comfortable again.

Whatever brings you to our East Los Angeles dental practice, we can’t wait to meet you and we look forward to welcoming you into our dental family! Give us a call today to arrange your appointment.

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